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No Beta! BE WARY! And, jsyk, I’m horrible at smut. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Chris’ lips curled as he growled in something akin to disgust when he looked up at his assailant and found Darren Fucking Criss smirking at him. The other man was still in that awful looking red suit they’d put him in for the shoot though, Kurt noticed that the white undershirt was handing open beneath the fitted jacket. He mentally berated himself for looking and glared.

"Now is that any kind of greeting," Darren asked in an amused voice. Chris refused to be affected, to raise to the obvious bait, and pushed against the hand that had initially pushed him against the back wall and held him in place. Darren, the bastard, didn’t budge.

"You have about five seconds before my foot shatters your knee and my knee crushes whatever is between your thighs." Alright, so maybe a little affected. Who could blame him though?! Darren was a smug bastard that had a problem with personal boundaries and the word ‘No’. "Five. Fo—mmph!"

Darren had twisted his hand in Chris’ shirt and pulled the taller man down and towards him, smashing their mouths together when Chris had came into reach. His bit and licked at Chris’ lips, growling low in his throat an pushing the slick muscle insistently against the seal until Chris relented and parted just enough for it to sweep inside. Chris’ back met the wall again, Darren crowding him up against it, prying Chris’ legs apart with a muscled thigh and kept kissing, never letting up even when Chris made a distressed noise against his mouth.

He couldn’t think, didn’t move, just took it. Let Darren’s tongue fuck into him in some sick parody of sex that made Chris flush with shame, embarrassment, and, God forgive him, arousal. He’d never thought about this, never thought about Darren doing this. The man was so aloof, so distant. Darren Criss was an elitist that had little time for anyone outside his inner circle and even then you had to be “family” to get even the smallest bit of attention. Chris was none of those things, never wanted to be because he hated the other model, but here he was, pushed against a wall and being kissed within an inch of his life.

When Darren started to rut against him Chris snapped out of the fuge state he’d fallen in and slammed his hands against the other man’s chest, pushing hard. He was gratified when Darren stumbled back even if it wasn’t very far but it didn’t last long because Darren was pressed back up against him in seconds, grinding their hips together and biting at Chris’ neck.

"Fuck you, Colfer! Don’t push me away."

"Get the h-hell off me, Criss. This is sexual assault!" Dear God, did his voice really sound like that? High and breathless. Desperate.

Chris hands gripped at padded shoulders but didn’t push the other man away. He should have pushed him away.

Darren smirked against his neck, licked at the reddened expanse, then pulled back to send a look up at Chris that had the taller model moaning then flushing. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just…just let me.”

Chris couldn’t. Didn’t. But Darren was sliding to his knees anyway and clawing at his pants, ripping at the catch and peeling them down with enough force that had Chris bucking at the harsh burn left behind as they were tugged. There was no underwear to buffer the pain because the pants he’d been given were far to tight to allow for anything but skin and Christ did it hurt. He would have marks tomorrow but right now he couldn’t do more than glower down at the dark mop of curls before his mind whited out; Darren had pried his pants open wide enough to free Chris’ cock and immediately sucked the head into his mouth.

The noises Darren were making were beyond obscene; exaggerated slurps and muffled moans that made Chris’ knees turn to jelly. He knows he would have ended up on the floor if Darren wasn’t gribbing his hips hard enough to bruise. He didn’t care, probably would care tomorrow when the marks showed up, but right now all he did care about was the excruciatingly slow bob of Darren’s head and the suction. Dear God the suction. He couldn’t. But then Darren was pulling back, pulling away.

"F-uck, where the hell are you going?!”

Darren was smirking again. Chris hated that smirk.

"Nowhere, baby, just needed to look at you.” Chris felt like he was being burned alive under the heat of those lust-blown eyes tracking up his body. He shuddered against Darren’s grip and turned his head away. Apparently that had been all the invitation Darren needed because suddenly he was back on his feet and biting and licking Chris’ neck, hips rutting against hips, moaning harshly against his skin. “Goddamn, Colfer. So fucking beautiful. Want to fuck you. Right here, right now. I want to fuck you.”

Chris pressed himself impossible further against the wall, hips rolling up against Darren’s, seeking friction, anything, wanting more. At that point he would have let him. He would have let Darren turn him around and push his face against the wall and fuck into him, hard, hot and dry. He would have welcomed it. Except Darren’s, surprisingly calloused, hand had wrapped around his cock and was stroking him in a deliciously harsh rhythm that had him breathless with need.

"Can’t wait that long," Darren growled into his ear and suddenly there was hard press of flesh snug against his own. Somehow Darren had gotten his own erection out and was now stroking them both, working them both over sloppily but felt so damn good. So good. Chris wasn’t going to last, not like this.  "Come on, baby. Come on.”

Hecouldn’t take it. It was too much. Chris turned his head slammed their mouths together, groaning into Darren as his world shattered, hips rubbing and pushing faster, tighter, harder into the other man mindlessly. He didn’t stop, not even when it started to become painful, not until Darren was shouting down his throat as he came and even then he still moved, still milked them both until Darren’s hands were buried in his hair and that sinful mouth owning his own.

An eternity later Darren released him but didn’t move away, just panted harsh against his mouth and kept him pinned against the wall and all Chris could think was that Wardrobe was going to kill them for ruining their designer clothes. He couldn’t bring himself to give a fuck.

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